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 Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

We provide high quality chimney cleaning and repair work. We will inspect and clean your wood-burning chimney for as little as $149. If we inspect your chimney and it doesn't need cleaning, the inspection rate is $100.  The inspection is comprehensive and, we look at everything.  Your safety is our top priority!  Here are most of our normal rates.


  • Chimney and Fireplace Inspection.....$100
  • Regular Chimney Clean.....................$149
  • Gas troubleshooting.........................$150
  • Wood-burning stove clean................$185
  • Clean and move unlined insert..........$250
  • Clean a lined insert...........................$149
  • Video camera inspection...................$225
  • Roll clean (severe creosote)...............$350


**All Cleaning rates include the Inspection.** 


Q.  Why are there different rates for inserts?                                                A.  Inserts amplify the heat, but also burn hotter and dirtier.  As a result, more creosote is produced.  It makes for a more difficult cleaning process.  


Q.  I want to install an insert.  Do I need a liner?                               A.  Yes.  Homes built more recently than 1991 require a liner in order to be up to the building codes.


Q.  Why are you so interested in which town I reside?                        A.  In order to reduce our gasoline expense, I'd like to schedule your appointment alongside fellow customers who live nearby.  It helps us immensely.  Thanks for understanding!



12x12 Stainless steel chimney cap: $125                                                         (no installation fee if you're getting an Inspection) 

It should be noted that certain conditions can affect our rates.  These include extremely high levels of creosote build-up and long-distance travel.  We will always bring such cases to your attention before we do the work.

Helpful Tips

  I recommend that you schedule your appointment by phone.  During the busy season, your desired time slot will be claimed by someone else by the time we've written back and forth enough times.  The fastest way to guarantee yourself an appointment is to call.

  If you have informed us that you want your quoted work done, we have not forgotten you.  I promise!  Each order will be filled as quickly as possible.

Service Area 

 I need to provide some information about our service area.  Due to gasoline expenses and time constraints, there are some locations which lie outside our coverage area.  We do not travel farther south than Dry Ridge, farther east than Alexandria, or beyond Lawrenceburg in Indiana. Travel beyond these three cities is possible at the discretion of our owner.  I apologize in advance if we cannot reach you.  Thank you very much for understanding.

We also offer the following services:

Chimney caps - Stainless steel frames covering the flues to keep rain and animals out. 

Crown molding - A sloped layer of concrete applied near the top of the chimney to further prevent water damage.

Water repellent - A coat sprayed on the outside walls of the chimney to prevent water from seeping into the mortar and causing cracks.

Gas troubleshooting - Locating and resolving problems with gas fireplaces and their pilots. 



We are a fully authorized carrier of Napoleon fireplaces.  Their site is here.    You can find a catalog of all Napoleon products there as well!  If you find anything you like, we can order it and install it for you.


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